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General Information

Authorization of Funeral Arrangements
Funeral Arrangements are usually made by next-of-kin. Who is the next-of-kin? In general, next-of-kin are determined in the following order: Spouse; children; grandchildren; parents; siblings; nieces and nephews; grandparents; aunts and uncles; first cousins. If there are several next-of-kin within the same degree of kinship (for example, there are several children living), then most funeral directors will require that all the next-of-kin be in agreement before proceeding.

The law has no provision for "majority rule." If problems reaching agreement are anticipated, it is best to work out an understanding or accommodation prior to death in order to avoid delays and legal entanglements once the death has occurred.

Autopsies are performed, pursuant to State law, at the discretion of the Oklahoma State Medical Examiner when death occurs from any cause without a physician present or under suspicious circumstances. No family member may prohibit an autopsy by the Oklahoma State Medical Examiner and no permission from the family is required. Any person with reasonable cause to believe that a death was not natural or was accidental must report their suspicions to the local law enforcement authority and may request an autopsy by the Oklahoma State Medical Examiner. .

Cremations may take place legally only after permission has been received from the Oklahoma State Medical Examiner to ensure that no criminal action is concealed by the destruction of physical evidence. The funeral home and crematory will require express written authorization for cremation from the next-of-kin.

Outer Buerial Containers?
Containers are not required by State law for burial. However, cemeteries may have minimum requirements.

Crematory Policies
Your loved one's disposition by cremation is handled by a licensed crematory. There are standard procedures that are followed by our funeral home directors and staff to maintain identification throughout the cremation process. We maintain files of the legal documents and permits for all cremations.

Cash Advance Items
Cash Advance Items are goods or services that are paid to a third party by the funeral home on your behalf such as obituary notices, death certificates, cemetery charges, and clergy or musician honoraria. The funeral director may request payment for these services in advance. The law prohibits charging more than the actual cost of these items without informing the consumer.

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